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Interdisciplinary Distinctions

Pitt has launched a new class of credential—a “distinction”—that incorporates a curated, synergistic combination of curricular, co-curricular, and experiential learning activities that support a student’s growth and development in particular interdisciplinary areas. Students participate in a sequence of courses that are then blended with high impact activities outside the classroom. In this way, students learn to translate their knowledge into practical applications and are prepared to communicate these experiences to a broad audience.

Academic Coursework + Outside-the-Classroom Experiences + Capstone Activities = Interdisciplinary Distinctions

Our distinction offerings include:

An academic distinction typically requires 6-9 credit hours combined with a complementary series of high-impact practices that range from novice to advanced engagement and may include internships, service-learning activities, undergraduate research, workshops, and study abroad/away experiences. For general inquiries, please email